Communities for Tourism


Chanthaboon Riverside Community

Over 300 years of history, the community was once the Chanthaburi and East of Thailand's ancient capital. Beautiful and well-reserved historical sites are located along Sukhapibarn Road.

Thachalap Fisherman Village

At Thachalap village, travelers can visit the oyster and fisherman's farm and enjoy local experience, taste the fresh seafood cooked in a local style.

Bann Samed Nhgam
Mat Weaving Village

Chathaboon Mat is one of the most famous handicrafts of Thailand. The handicrafts include handbag, shoe, bed sheet, wallet, basket, and etc.

Local Pastry and Noodle Village
Bann Nong Bua

With over a hundred year of history, this village has unique local lifestyle with small yet beautiful historical conserved buildings at the village center.

Gems Mining Village of Bangkaja

Over 80% of world's gems precious color stones are processed in small gems factories in Chanthaburi. It is time to turn back to history, let's visit the small Gems Mines.

Rice Village of Nong Chim

The small lovely village has beautiful mountain scenery with serene daily life. Let’s slower your life with the local bike tour, with the local tour leader who will show you around the rice village.



Trat Province

With a short drive from Chanthaburi to Trat, travelers can visit 2 famous communities including Chong Village and Bann Nam Chaew (the OTOP Village Champion).