1 of 12 Thailand's Hidden Gem Cities

Chanthaburi is one of the cities in the East of Thailand coastline, located 240 KMs from Bangkok and 140 KMs from Pattaya. It is a new destination for travelers who are seeking new experiences in the East of Thailand.

With abundance of natural resources and long history as Eastern Thailand’s center of trade and culture, Chanthaburi offers travellers a unique Local Experience with the following highlights

  • Local communities including fisherman villages, agricultural villages, gems mining and handicraft villages.
  • Chanthaboon Riverside Community with the largest Cathedral in Thailand and Unesco’s award winning project on architectural conservation. Architectural heritage sites in Chanthaburi have long history related to colonial era.
  • Dolphin Farm and the Swim with Dolphin at Oasis Seaworld.
  • Beautiful waterfall at Phliew Waterfall and National Park.
  • Chanthaburi Eatery!! Local cuisines, local noodle and seafood are the best in Thailand.

Chanthaburi is also gateway of Thailand to and from Cambodia, 109 KMs from Bhatabong, the 2nd largest city of Cambodia. Traveler can travel to Cambodia very conveniently from Chanthaburi.

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