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We are

Tour Operator who specializes in Community Based Tourism (CBT) in Chanthaburi, Thailand. We believe, Community Based Tourism is the way to promote sustainable tourism and positive impact on the society

We are Chanthaburi natives with profound experience in hotel business (Maneechan Resort) with an intention to make value added to our hometown.

Offering A Unique Local Experience in

The East of Thailand


Chanthaboon Riverside Community

Over 300 years of history, the community was once the Chanthaburi and East of Thailand's ancient capital. Beautiful and well-reserved historical sites are located along Sukhapibarn Road.

Thachalap Fisherman Village

At Thachalap village, travelers can visit the oyster and fisherman's farm and enjoy local experience, taste the fresh seafood cooked in a local style.

Bann Samed Nhgam
Mat Weaving Village

Chathaboon Mat is one of the most famous handicrafts of Thailand. The handicrafts include handbag, shoe, bed sheet, wallet, basket, and etc.


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